From the Principal's Desk

          I am very glad to introduce our institution, has the name Jijau, who taught us to fight against slavery, Her blessing hand always give us spirit to work hard. The founder members of this society are wel learned they are the light house in the realm of knowledge, Who always shows a right path to us, so that we must work in ideal ways.

         Our Society was established by the literacy talented person, Who are the wel known professor and dignified writer and orator. Just as we get Amrut by the 'Manthan', in the same way by their great thinking and wel planned objectives and aims these people founded our society for the benefit of the society. Since 24 years our society runs two wel known programme of education. One Batechelor Degree in Education(B.Ed.) and Diploma in Teacher Education(D.T.Ed.). Beside these our institution also run computer learning Programmes.

         Our institution is not only guide our student to secure good marks but also to give guidence to develop their overall personality. Number of activities goes simulteneously with the teaching of curriculam.

         Our institution has wel planned construction, Wel equiped rooms, ground with all facilities and natural surrounding. Our institution has been run by teachers for the developing good and qualitative pupil teacher, So they can develop this society. It is wel said that teacher is s social engineer and we have proud that our student performing their duties to build this society and nation.

         At last, Let's God will help us for giving this society wel cultured, wel trained and above all wel natured teachers, so that we can change the world.

Sunil P. Kawale